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Gap Year(s) between ITT/QTS and Induction Year

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    I'm an EU citizen, looking for advice/opinions on taking a year out (possibly 2) after my ITT to complete a Masters. With BREXIT now upon us, is this advisable or should I complete my teaching induction during the probable exit negotiation period. Ultimately, I want to live and teach in England.

    No-one yet knows what the consequences of the UK leaving the EU will be in regards to employment or much else for that matter so there isn't really anyone in a position to advise you on this. Having said that, the current recruitment crisis alone makes it unlikely that they would make it more difficult for EU citizens to find employment as teachers in the UK.

    My question is, though, what is your reason for delaying entering the profession for a masters? You could do one at any point in the future, a number of teachers do theirs part time whilst working. When applying for jobs, you would have to justify your decision, which is easily done if your masters is in education because then you will have undergone further professional development but not so much if it is in something less relevant to your practice.
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    Hi Pierson,
    Thanks for coming back to me. I'm hoping that someone with experience of taking a gap year, prior to Brexit, might relay their experience.
    As well as completing my masters, personal circumstances, including my partner's visa situation, dictate that I need to take time out. I also hope to gain fluency in French during this time which will be of benefit to future employers. My ITT is in Spanish.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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