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average leave voter

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    (Original post by Kryptonian)
    Oh ok. This is very interesting that I read.

    There's loads of stuff you can dig up about the union if you look into it. The remain side didn't expect leaving to be good for economy in the short term. But I do honestly believe that we did it because we think freedom is worth it. Now we may be wrong about the direction the EU is going, but at least now in fourty years if the EU turns out to be a force for good (Which currently it's not looking likely) we will have the freedom to go back. Whereas if we didn't we'd likely have no freedom to leave again. Don't be surprised if the EU changes dramatically in a few years.

    Average Leave Voter here
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    I know a remain voter who voted because a hot girl he asked said she was voting remain !!

    I also know several remain voters who voted that way because they didn't want anything to change !

    (Original post by Kryptonian)
    Well All racist/xenophobic people voted Leave but not all those that voted Leave were racist/xenophobic if that makes sense.

    I know it isn't majority but the ones that are just stand out and it is worrying
    Kind of Ironic you say leave voters are racist, then OP posts video of an asian girl discussing her vote, is she racist against the white europeans coming here? oh no she can't be only whites can be racist!

    my head hurts bmt, what kind of brilliant buffoon is this?
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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