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My view on Brexit

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    As I'm 17, I couldn't vote but I supported BrexitI think that the present and next few years without a doubt will be gloomy but there will be light at the end of the tunnel. The Netherlands, France, Hungary, Finland and Austria all want to leave, once they go only more and more countries will want to leave therefore the EU will breakup, which within my view would be a good thing. Greece now Italy are falling apart, everyone will have to bail the failing economies out in which in my view affects other countries way too much.

    Secondly, USA, Germany and Cananda all want trade deals with us(http://shr.gs/w4OtlOF) now, which shows that we haven't really damaged the relationship between our allies because they themselves know that they can't ignore us. We will be able to trade with who we want, when we want and how we want. This in the long run will benefit us greatly as our industries will be protected due to our self declared limit on how much we can trade. British businesses will then flourish as a result, so they'll be able to offer cheaper products thus we will sell more products to neighbouring countries.

    I think everyone is overreacting, we won't need visas, it just means that the changes to the EU won't affect us as much as we did. The pound is on route to completely recovering too.

    However, I'm gutted that David Cameron who didn't want this in the first place has resigned. Everyone around him is worse and he brought some great things into this economy(gay marriage etc), the ones around him pulled him down in which ruined his reputation. The next successor should be a leave campaigner due to the fact that they wanted this, thus they should steer this economy into the right direction.

    The Scottish want independence in which I fully support them for, they stayed to remain EU members and now they shouldn't let them be kicked out the EU without a fight, the Northern Irish want unity with the Republic of Ireland in which I don't blame them for. The UK looks likely to break up in which will be horrible to think about but I think England will survive on their own with Wales.

    The majority have spoken, we have to respect(not accept or be happy) with the outcome but now we'll just have to make the most out of it. We can't let this economy go into the ruins without a fight.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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