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Struggles of 'prom'

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    ***there might be some typos don't worry grammar police***
    Firstly, it's so hard so find a dress. I don't want to wear a dress that is revealing but that's all I can find. Take Asos they either have short and sleeveless dresses or maxi dresses that have plunging necklines. Just to clear this up that doesn't mean there aren't any ones that are ok but they are nothing special and I feel like there is really a need for this. I want something nice but not dramatic and showing off type outfit just some thing understated but still pretty. Really need help on this.

    Secondly, there is the whole "who are you going with" drama just for the sake of it. People who barely know each other are going to go with each other. Some said that they hate the other, find the other obnoxious, unattractive and would never ever go to prom with them (not even in a flirty way). Well you guessed it, all of a sudden they are going together. WHAT?* Then there are the ones who say they are not out to find a date and will happily go with friends. Next thing you know someone asks them to prom and they say yes. WHAT? That's* ok but if had already made plans with friends and didn't want to go with anyone as a date you don't then just make other plans. Thanks guys...

    Maybe I'm being harsh and this might show my underlining issue of not ever been seen as attractive or been asked out ever before. You can change your mind were all human I get it.

    I'm not sure if this is just my prom experience and it hasn't even happened yet. There is this unrealistic expectation from what I've seen from friends and others in school that it's going to be like the stereotypical American High School film. I know all of this will just be irrelevant soon but to some this is the most important thing in there lives so far. Im expecting many to say that its should a night to celebrate your secondary school journey. I know I'm just the kill joy.

    By the way I'm known as the pessimistic one (if you can't tell) but I'd like to say realistic more than anything.

    What are your opinions and advice for a dress would be much appreciated?

    ***there might be some typos don't worry grammar police***

    Stop looking at specifically prom dresses and you'll be more likely to find things more up your alley. Not to mention dresses advertised as prom dresses will be much more expensive just for being labelled as for "prom".

    As for the "drama" just ignore it and stop making a fuss over it, it hardly matters and in a couple of years you'll look back at even caring about this and just think to yourself "how stupid was that?".
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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