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Is this degrading or am I being soft?

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    I take part in sports regular in an athletic club and compete in various events. I'm not the best in fact I'm not very good at all but I just want to get fitter and enjoy it. One of the events I'm best at I started to learn 6 years ago for several months over the summer, I trained myself practicing on my own a lot of the time as the coach had family issues/wasn't down. This year he has a group together with some talented people in so I now train with them even though they are a lot younger than me. I'm quite close friends with the coach we go for drinks together etc and although I appreciate all his time coaching me he says things that make me feel embarrassed in front of the group. There's a certain technique I cannot grasp despite practicing over and over again.

    I'm ok at the event and have come first in competitions but I'm nowhere near my potential because I have a blockage have formed a bad habit which is very hard for me to correct. My coach, who's in his 40's, always says in front of the group '6 years you have been doing this and you've still not grasped it'. He has said it at least 15 times. I don't want to give up though lol as I'm ok in competition but just don't use the 100% correct technique. I don't mind him saying these things to me on my own but it's in front of the group. One of the girls replied 'I've been doing it just 2 weeks and I've got it'. Also when I give my opinion on things such as how a certain movement feels he shouts 'what a load of rubbish, any excuse you look for'. Again I don't mind him saying it to me that's his way of motivating but the kids he coaches have started copying him and looking at each other sniggering etc.

    I'm usually not assertive and don't tell people how I feel if things are bothering me as I believe many people don't really care. However this time I thought I'd give it a go lol but yea I shouldn't have said anything. I told the coach that I felt embarrassed and degraded when he said certain things in front of the others and he just smirked and said 'good, I'm going to keep saying it until you grasp it, it's the truth'. So now that he knows it bothers me he is going to say it more. I think il start just training on my own but it is a good group. Just wanted advice, is it me being soft?

    no just prove him wrong

    Nah i think hes using it as motivation like a challenge, you know, "cmon, try prove me wrong" kinda thing
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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