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Lib Dems pledge to bring Britain back to the EU

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    The Liberal who now?

    (Original post by JordanL_)
    You'd vote based on charisma? Maybe that's why the country is such an absolute joke.
    No point arguing with that idiot.

    You know who's charismatic... Trump and Hitler.

    If the guy would vote for them there's no point debating him,.

    (Original post by DorianGrayism)
    Lib dems to power. That would be something.
    I'm surprised they exist still. 99% of people have never heard of this Tim Farron person.

    They have 8 MPs.

    They won't get anymore until after our exit has been confirmed.

    It's nothing but a cynical political manoeuvre that doesn't mean anything. You know, like promising not to raise tuition fees...

    As much as I thought I'd never vote for the Lib Dems, I'd be willing to vote for anyone who stood on a platform to reverse this dreadful decision.

    I don't think Tim Farron would be an effective leader, but sacrifices must be made. The government lasts just a few years, EU exit is permanent, I think I can live with them in power for a time. Perhaps if Corbyn is ousted by someone who also promises to reverse the decision then it might be more effective to vote Labour over the Lib Dems as their electoral chances are better.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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