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Warwick or Birmingham for English Lit + Creative Writing?

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    So i visited Warwick uni yesterday and really loved it, everyone was so welcoming and the talk was really enthusiastic and overall, inspiring. Also I was a pretty big fan of the accommodation. I visited Birmingham last September and until yesterday, was my definite favourite - I've lived in a village for the majority of my life so living in a city appeals to me, especially since Bham retains a sort of campus-y feel to it. I really liked the look of Bham too, however I feel in terms of academia, Warwick is better suited for English Lit (+ Creative writing)?
    Of course I'm not applying until this coming school year (still in Year 12) however it's interesting to hear everyone's views!

    Hiya! I'm planning to study English Literature and Creative Writing at UoB this September if all goes well on results day (fingers crossed!!)

    Ultimately, what made me decide to firm UoB was the fact that the course is 50:50, and is very flexible when it comes to creative writing and your own style. I really enjoyed the open day and when you receive your offer, you get invited to an applicants open day where you can have a taster lecture and seminar with a small group of prospective students. It was quite daunting but it was really fun. The seminar was based around creative writing and we all had a random prompt and wrote a short story. I loved it because the seminar was not boring at all and very engaging. I could really see myself studying here for three years so that was why I decided to make it my first choice.
    I liked Warwick also, but Birmingham really did it for me!

    Hoped this helped in anyway.

    (Btw, I freaking love tøp too!! You should totally come here lol )
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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