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BBC bias, they also have not accepted graciously and are putting out propaganda

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    That newsreader on news 24 talked about the petition, the whole media just looks totally miserly and ****ed off. The political class and media talk amongst themselves, London does, and they tell everyone what they are thinking and should be thinking. I didn't work, people will not be brainwashed and browbeaten.
    When she talked about she sighed at the end and then said, remains to be seen whether it will 'do any good'. Impartiality anyone?

    Just looking at Alistair Campbell as the results came in was gold, hate that scumbag. Tim Montgomerie put him in his place.

    The other thing I've noticed is they keep trying to push the 'protest voters who didn't really want to leave line' - they have looked for the thickest peole they can find, trawled until they can find someone who says I voted out but didn't think(another interpretation would simply be 'didn't expect' ) it would happen. Then they ask a leading question 'Do you regret it'? 'No' he says, they are scraping the barrel like a starved fox in a bin.

    The other thing that is irritating, and bewildering is the behaviour of all the New Labourites, or Blairites more specifically.

    The whole Labour party and more of the political class is also in complete denial why people did not fall in line and follow their narrative, they cannot understand that they lost their core vote, they just talk amongst themselves spitefully about any remotely economically leftist Labour leader, who tries to redress inequality and reach those the are supposed to, and they think they need more Blairism. It was decades of neoliberalism squeezing the other parts of the country, and the bottom end of the labour market, that lost the core vote for establishment. Blaming the likes of Corbyn for this and the potential break up of the UK is pathetic, it was decades of the Blairite economic policies(plus wanting to enter the Eurozone, Brown kept us out but guess how much credit the got for that from those Blairites), war in Iraq, and his devolution settlements paved the way for that It would be great if they could for once not act all petulant and spiteful and reflect on their heros TB's legacy, and understand why they caused all this.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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