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450 MPs from remain are set to reject the result of the EU referendum!

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    (Original post by DorianGrayism)
    Didn't say everyone outside London was racist.

    I just said that white, working class, poorly educated people in the deprived areas tend don't like immigration.

    That is why they overwhelmingly voted Leave.

    Don't even live in London. LOL.
    Typical little Urbanite, probably never set foot outside his local borough :rolleyes:

    (Original post by Gora The Xplorer)
    Typical little Urbanite, probably never set foot outside his local borough :rolleyes:
    hahahah. As much as I wish that was the case....unfortunately, it isn't.

    I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?Click this link to sign the petition:https://petition.parliament.uk/petit...JjPGXFd6IGBcMy petition:'individual' EU membership for UK citizens Visa free, work and study.There is a need for people, especially the young, to be able to move freely for travel and broaden their horizons, education, employment.The recent referendum was a protest about the country not providing the infrastructure and services for it's people before opening the doors to others. The referendum was advisory and not legally binding, and no one, not even the leave party expected the outcome. Individual membership will provide an imcome to the EU, allow free movement without additional paperwork and checks. It is not for large groups to abuse a country's system, but to build friendships and bridges. References available
    (Original post by Manchester_123)
    Hahaha, we can still win this and make leave lose. The best part about it is that it will be democratic considering they are elected representatives.

    All of SNP and liberal democrats are set to block it

    Almost all of Labour are set to block it (but I hear the traitor Corbyn will vote for it, we need him gone and a true leader like Blair back)

    And key remain MPs from the Tories are set to block it (Hammond, hunt, may, javid, Clarke, Rudd...and so on)

    We have the democratic majority so we can still win.

    The Tory party will erupt into civil war, UKIP is dead, labour will oust the traitor Corbyn, and once we bring in a true believer of the EU (like Blair or brown or MANDLESON) into the Labour Party, 2020 is ours for the taking!

    EDIT: Reports show Corbyn is set to force labour to vote for the result. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****?!?!? This man is the worst thing to happen in British politics

    (Original post by Manchester_123)
    EDIT: Reports show Corbyn is set to force labour to vote for the result. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****?!?!? This man is the worst thing to happen in British politics
    I know right. Principles and respect for public consensus are hallmark no-nos for politicians and this ought to stay the same.

    The other side won't let this rest. Even if they can be persuaded to ignore the referendum for now and the people accept it, pro-Brexit politicians are likely to win next time. And then what?

    I think a second referendum would be one thing, but having Parliament outright ignore the will of the people is quite another. It would be political suicide, so they'd have to care more about Britain remaining than about their own careers in Parliament.

    I'm pretty sure that even if Remain pulls this off, it won't be over. As angry as all the Remain people are now, the Exit people will be just as angry (if not more so) if the referendum is just swept under the rug.

    The British people are really that divided. To show disrespect to either side is a terrible idea. Jeremy Corbyn realises that, which is why he's trying to get Labour to support this decision.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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