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How would you react if parliament blocked EU exit?

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    (Original post by pol pot noodles)
    Immigration was obviously a hot topic. Me personally, I have no issue with large scale immigration so long as the government funds services in line with the increased population. However the jist of the Remain campaigns argument over this was Luvvies and students singing Kumbaya and career politicians telling ordinary people that their problems that they are facing first hand were all imaginary.
    So as you can see, people who voted Leave did indeed weigh up all the facts and made an informed decision. They just, shock horror, came to a different conclusion to you.
    I would argue that the line was rather 'don't blame immigrants for the failure of successive governments to invest in public services and housing'.

    Blaming immigration for overcrowded public services speaks more about a failure to invest and a failure to build than it does for immigration. That line attacks the symptom, rather than the cause.

    There is also the obvious hypocrisy of politicians like Farage on the leave side who favor less government funding for public services (low tax, low spend economy) yet when it comes to immigration, they suddenly .care massively about our poor public services. It just strikes me as opportunist, they care about public services when it suits them

    I don't think immigration is the most wonderful thing in the world, nor do I necessarily think we should have absolute freedom of movement. What I was concerned about was people blaming immigration rather than blaming a lack of investment which was the real cause.

    Wait for Farage to retract his annual resignation

    (Original post by pol pot noodles)
    I'm not sure what point you're making now.
    The UK's EU membership is a pivotal enough decision that a referendum was warranted. Any notion that a certain policy is too important to be left to the masses is beyond insulting. Lets not forget said representatives that won the General Election put in on their election manifesto in the first place. The referendum wasn't magicked out of thin air or initiated by mob rule.
    No, it was initiated by a weak leader as part of a plan to try to secure his position and end the apparently endless bickering in his party.

    Essentially the referendum we just had was a misuse of the concept of a referendum. Generally, referenda in democratic countries are invoked when the government (and possibly all of the major parties) are firmly convinced that a major national change is required and it is then put to the people for affirmation.

    An example might be merging with another country, removing a monarchy or adopting a new currency.

    I could accept that joining or leaving the EU is such a decision, but not against a backdrop of a deeply riven ruling party and where conspiratorial and secretive agendas are being played out, not least that the Prime Minister, supposedly on one side, was most probably on the other.

    Damage has already been done, too late

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    (Original post by pol pot noodles)
    Any notion that a certain policy is too important to be left to the masses is beyond insulting
    it is indeed insulting which is why it's sad that it's true.
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Updated: July 5, 2016
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