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London property prices are going to collapse.

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    Lol you're all a bit late off the mark, house prices in London started falling in April/May. They're down about 2-3% on average, the first decrease in decades. Kensington and Chealsie have decreased 15% this last month alone. Economists don't think it was because of Brexit as it hadn't happened when they first fell. It's because the prices became astronomically high. They were bound to fall sooner all later it's better that it happened now before prices went even higher.

    In a couple years time it'll hit the rest of the UK and it will actually be easier for us to get on the property ladder. Don't go fretting about it, it happens naturally every 10 years or so.

    (Original post by Bill_Gates)
    I'm surprised more young people never voted for Brexit, probably too busy watching the mass media.

    Living standards will improve. Shorter lines at the NHS, More school places, cheaper & bigger houses. The things that matter.

    But RIP London property lol
    The mass media was dominated by the leave campaign.

    And who cares about bigger houses, I'll believe shorter lines at the NHS and more school places when I see it. I'm expecting to see my first flying pig shortly afterwards.

    A lot of young people voted to stay because we enjoy multicultural places and were proud that our country is in a position that it can help out those less fortunate.

    (Original post by Bill_Gates)
    wait it out yet, can only get worse.

    Financial times is saying people are already backing out of purchases. BOE will go with QE and lower IR in the short term but the reality of rampant inflation won't go away and then it get's fun! Good luck!
    Aww, you can use all the fancy acronyms you like dearie but I'm still not sure I believe you have a flying duck what you're chatting about.
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Updated: June 27, 2016
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