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There is a Leave case for a further referendum

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by DorianGrayism)
    Except ...I am not on the left.
    Nevermind I misread your earlier post. I think Jake did aswell tbh hence his reply. It sounded as though u said u hate the working class.

    (Original post by Boreism)
    What happens IF we do have another EU Referendum, with the same SAME result, would there be a third, fourth, fifth, sixth etc?
    When that situation happens then maybe its a message that its meant to be that result.
    Funny how his points went completely over your head :lol:

    As a remainer I'm hoping for a Norway/Switzerland style agreement where we retain access to the single market. The Brexiters would be in no position to complain about that as they've constantly quoted Norway and Switzerland throughout their campaign.

    (Original post by Malevolent)
    Funny how his points went completely over your head :lol:
    I'm only pointing out that not so many people are willing to accept the Brexit change. Look at the 'News and current affairs' sub-forum, a lot of young generation throwing childish tantrums and even that doesn't change anything!

    (Original post by jake4198)
    Youth unemployment in rural areas is very ambiguous as many workers lie about whether they're in work or not because they can avoid tax and work in the black economy. It also doesn't consider the financial position of these young people who often don't need to go and find work because they come from affluent backgrounds.

    Whilst I accept young people are more choosy with what work they'll do, the underlining point here was about whether Britons would work in farms as oppose to Eastern European - and the answer is yes. Maybe if we have cheaper accommodation in rural areas and improve infrastructure to the rural economy such as transport and connectivity it would entice more people to pack their bags and leave. The only reason Eastern Europeans take these jobs is because they have the luxury of relocating to anywhere where work is most needed, unlike the working class who often live in close-knit communities.
    I can't tell if you are being ironic or not.

    Are you seriously saying that East Europeans find it easier yo move thousands of miles to get work on a farm than a British person who only has to travel a few hundred at the most?

    Are you also saying East Europeans don't have close knit families like the British working class?

    Clearly, the referendum was only about whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU.

    People voted for leave.

    What happens after the UK leaves was not included in the referendum. And I don't much care if the Leavers are not happy with a Norway-style agreement (as it happens, I think most Brits would be including a sizeable chunk of the Leavers).

    It's the best deal the UK is likely to get if, btw, it gets that (Schauble wasn't too keen on it). Nowhere was it written that if Leave wins that whatever ludicrous promises the Leave camp made would be fulfilled. It wasn't a general election where parties have a full package of reforms to implement.

    The 2nd referendum has been binned. End of the story.
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Updated: June 27, 2016
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