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Most depressing part of the referendum is Labour supporters and members reaction

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    I voted leave. I've never voted Labour even though I may be that way inclined if they stood for anything they were founded for. Their complete Ostrich like behaviour and petulant, spiteful lashing out at Corbyn, and their total incapacity to understand what this referendum was showing, what they did to their core vote, and to the union, what Blair's legacy was, is woeful, they are consumed by spite and self-loathing, which seems like a few years back all over again. They self loath if they are to the left, or at least loathe such traits in their leader, and they self-loath when they know deep down their policies can have no claim to help the poor more than Tories. They seem, and I don't mean morally or ideologically of course, like a bunch of Neo Nazis or Communists who are still harking back on an era that has zero support. it's vaguely sad, but also quite darkly depressing. I've experienced menace from Labour establishment before under Brown, when they were hanging on for dear life.

    They must be totally shot now.

    Personal footnote, if you give a toss.

    The party (and papers/media, but that's another story) of my parents is so utterly alien to me, I wouldn't ever go near them with a barge pole. Added to the referendum, I have observed how vile a lot of these middle class Guardianista )North London, quite often)neo liberals are. I would never want to hang about with them, even though it was expected. This changed my life and confirmed my views even more. A lot of conservatives are simply nicer people.

    Anyone else more conservative than their folks, or is this a weird anomaly?
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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