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Its vital that more economically right wing Brexiteers understand that....

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    [I'm an economic leftist who wanted out. ]

    I already see a few signs, although it is there in any remainers too, albeit in a more nasty form right now, of economic rightism being taken as a given as the orthodoxy and best way forward. It is vital that the aforementioned understand the concerns of people on the economic left and large swathes of the country who it is said voted on racism, and other such garbage, when in fact they voted because they feel left behind in a ruthless economy. For many many reason, I would never change my vote, I don't think the poor will ever get a better deal in the EU with establishment as it is. If economic right of Brexit can't get on with remainers, although I see no reason why we have to declare for all time, we are all just people with differing ideas, besides the brainwashed, it would be wise for them to play it more moderately and favour economic stability and something rather dull, whilst giving a helping hand ot the poor. We don't want boomtime promises. I think we should maybe shrink some of the state, not the NHS, and make sure tax is more progressive, get tax evasion hard, support small business. Try and make cheaper housing and ease our way to getting rid of the foodbank situation. I see no reason why it will keep being a divide on this vote, in the future it will be on issues, but I must confess I feel for the moment like it's good that people who usually differ all displayed admirable independence and stood up to the hectoring and voted patriotically for hope. I hope that economics does not now divide us, and I think given the state of our country,m to lean cautiously and left at a time when we need stability would be wise.
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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