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Extremely extenuating circumstance

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    Hello, prior to my exams beginning this summer a member of my immediate family had been suffering from depression, but we didnt think it was as bad as it turned out to be, until I caught the person whilst they were cutting their wrists. This happened after my second exam of the summer. Since then I have been extremely worried for them and I missed my A2 english exam which came a day after it happened, but I went to all the ones that came after it. I am on a gap year and was retaking these exams in the hope that I could better my grades and get into my preferred uni, but after what happened I just havent been able to think straight. Its now been a week since it happened and my last exam was on friday. I had studied extremely hard for those exams - especially english - and I told the exams officer at my school that I didnt need to take the exam so that she wouldnt phone home and tell my parents - because them knowing I was being affected so badly would sadden them even more. I dont think I have achieved the conditional grades I needed, and this is too personal for me to tell my exams officer about. I dont trust her to keep this kind of information to herself, and believe that it may eventually reach the students - more importantly my younger brother who still goes there. Thats why I dont want to apply for special consideration, as well as the fact that it would only give me 5% more marks. I honestly dont know what to do right now. Could anybody help? Im thinking of contacting the uni (ucl) but they may just contact the school and let the wrong people know even though im a private candidate on ucas. im completely lost. im an active member of tsr and have been for a while, but dont want this visible to my friends on here.
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