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Why would i get beeped for this?

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    I never/rarely hear a car horn be used for what its meant to be used for- to alert/warn someone of your presence. They only seem to be used for taking anger out on people and retaliation. I live on a main road and indicated right early to pull into my drive, i started to pull in then got beeped by the car behind, with him looking at me out his window.

    Ive only used my horn once for someone who didnt move/drive through when the lights changed to green. Ive had people pull in front of me in roundabouts so ive had to slow down and ive driven behind really slow people but i dont beep my horn. Its just being soft when theres no need to.

    I dont even know what i did wrong by pulling into my drive.

    I wouldn't worry about it. As you say a horn is supposed to be to alert people, if someone has already goofed up then sounding the horn is pointless, unless you think they're going to make another cock-up straight after. If someone does beep you after you've done a manoeuvre it's best to just keep going (assuming you can do so safely), and if necessary make a mental note not to goof up again if you genuinely did make a mistake.

    He beeped you because he is a dick.
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Updated: July 5, 2016
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