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The issues with the Leave and Remain Campaigns

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    Failures of both campaigns:

    - Confusion over what they meant by the £350 million a week. They never actually said all that would go on the NHS but it was wrong for them to focus so much on that figure and should have focused on the net figure instead. However, if you based your decision on what you read on the side of a bus then you really need to address how you get your info.
    - Too much use of the term 'fear-mongering', even though it was clear some statements were clearly lies or fear-mongering a number were realistic concerns that they should have addressed or even admitted to.
    - Clear suggestions that immigration would come down and too much emphasis on this issue. This only fuels hate and blamed for migrants which most of the time is misplaced.
    - Failure to set out a clear plan. This could possibly be down to not thinking they could actually win but it's deplorable that they never set out a clear plan if we left.
    - Lack of facts. Much of the debate became too much about your heart and we needed more real facts and realism.

    - Overuse of project fear. There were clear exaggerations in many predictions and even 'respected' bodies went over the top with just out of the world projections. As a result it made it very difficult to actually highlight the most realistic concerns.
    - Abusive and aggressive tactics. This includes labeling an entire group racist, xenophobic or morons. This will not get them on your side and I fear that many have failed to learn from this with the amount of disgusting comments coming out since the result, especially from this apparent intelligent younger population.
    - Failure to admit that the EU needed to change. Many who voted leave didn't see any other option, they didn't like the EU as it was but remain didn't seem to offer this reforming suggestion which I think is what most people really want.
    - Lack of passion for either the UK or the EU. It was negative comment, after negative comment about how crap the UK is, well that's going to make many vote against you just because you insulted them and their country. Also they failed to even highlight all the pros of the EU and many I know never said a word before and now all of a sudden come out as EU luvvies, where were you before? Too late now!
    - Arrogance and complacency that Leave could actually win, this led to reduced turnout in remain areas and meant many who were actually passionate about the EU never spoke out.
    - Failure to set out a clear plan. This links to the arrogance and complacency and so a number of businesses and government departments didn't set out a safety net in case they actually lost.

    Both campaigns became closed off to each others valid points and a number of lies on both sides made it hard for the average voter to decide who was telling the truth. We have now exposed the divisions in this country and some of the biggest issues with how our politics has been run. Lets hope out of all this comes a nicer, less insult and lie focused politics that doesn't brand either side as awful human beings. Time to heal the wounds that divided the country and stand together to build a Britain we all want and need.

    Feel free to add anymore points that were lies or you feel led to confusion throughout this debate.

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    (Original post by DaveThe2nd)
    hahaha pretty true about a lot of remainers right now

    And the issue here is, we could sit here and argue about both campaigns but what use is it now when the public has voted?
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    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    And the issue here is, we could sit here and argue about both campaigns but what use is it now when the public has voted?
    So we don't repeat the tactics and failures in the future. That's the whole point in learning History.
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