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Applying for a student bank account with Santander

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    Just now I had applied for a student bank account with Santander, I'd given all the details they'd asked of me, and everything was going fine until they sent me another email after their conformation email saying:

    " Having carefully considered your application we regret that we are unable to offer you an account at the present time and your application has been declined.

    In determining your eligibility for the above facility we consulted the following Credit Reference Agency: Experian Credit Report Services, PO Box 1135, Warrington WA55 1EP, 0844 481 8000, www.experian.co.uk

    Please be aware the information provided by the credit reference agency is only one part of the decision-making process. Sometimes there may be no detrimental information held about you at the agency but we may not be able to accept an application simply because it does not meet our current criteria.

    You will also receive a copy of the result of this assessment by post at your home address.

    While we appreciate you may be disappointed with our decision, unfortunately we are unable to assist you on this occasion"

    I'm not sure what to do at the moment, I don't know why they've rejected my application? This is the first time I've applied for a bank account given that I just turned 18 in january.

    Any help on this matter will be hugely appreciated!
    Thank You!
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    (Original post by mercuryman)

    Did you check you put all the details on your application correctly?

    If so, have you ever applied for any other bank accounts since you were 18? Have you done anything which would make you think you would be declined for an account like unpaid debts or something?

    You might want to go into a Santander branch and discuss it with them, or ask Experian for a statuory credit report which only costs £2. Worst case scenario unless if you committed fraud you should be able to get a basic bank account; this has virtually 0% interest and no overdraft so it's really only if you have no other choice.

    Good luck
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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