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Ignores me but acknowledge me!?

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    This may be long but its broken down!

    So I no longer work with the girl I like and we still sometimes talk on social media but not a lot, we flirt sometimes during these messages.

    Basically its happened twice I snap asking a question about one of her snaps for example "what was that last snap about?". The first time she viewed the snap and didn't reply and this really got to me! I wasn't having a good day anyways so I removed her from snapchat.... Then like 3 days later she messaged me on Facebook, nothing to do with me removing her and started being all flirty!

    I then re-added her on snapchat the day after and she was like "why did you remove me?". I told her why saying that I don't like it when people ignore me and she replied with "I never got a snap :L", I kept saying things like "It said viewed XD" trying to make it seem like it didn't bother me that much and she just kept saying she never saw anything!

    Then after talking some more talking on Facebook and talking to her in person when she came back into work for 10 mins... So basically we forgot about me removing her and that...

    I sent her another snap asking a question about one of her snaps and she didn't reply to that! HOWEVER she liked one of my pictures that I uploaded on Facebook like 10 mins after she viewed my snap!

    This is what I mean by ignoring me but acknowledging me, if she had no interest what so ever why would she like my facebook picture! I'm so confused..

    maybe her snapchat isn't working?

    She could just be playing hard to get.. Or she's not too interested but likes the attention you give her?

    If she sends loads of snapchats in general, she probably has no idea what snap you're asking about.
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