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How to lose fat/cellulite?! Help!

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    Hello,I am 21 years old and relatively active. but I have huge problems with fat/cellulite on my bum, all thighs, knees and calves. I've had it for some years now, but none of family has it.
    First of all, how do I know if it is fat or cellulite? It looks quite ok on the outside, but if I stretch the skin it looks bumpy and disgusting! It's also bouncy on my bum.
    Second of all, how to get rid of it? What diet and exercises should I do?
    I walk 7 hours a day, five times a week and do some cycling, running, dancing and some exercises during the weekend. I also went on a diet eating 1000-1500kcal per day , not eating after 4pm (working form 7am to 3om) and people told me I got skinnier but I couldn't notice anything on my body, just lost 2kg in a good month. I don't have much energy left for exercising when I come home from work.
    I am average size though. 58kg and 172cm height. And I eat normally, healthy, just some occasional sweets, no junk food...
    But I am really struggling with that issue, I really feel awful. I would be grateful for any advice!

    Thank you!

    (Original post by sticker22)
    The answer seems pretty simple - healthy eating and exercise. Of course put in practice it requires a lot more hard work.

    The best way to lose body fat is through eating healthily, so not only avoiding foods with an extremely fat content, but also consuming healthy fats (nuts, avocado etc). You also must eat how much your body needs, not how much it wants! Whilst you could easily eat 3000 calories in a day, if you're a woman, the recommended amount is 2000. Then, create a calorie deficit by exercising.

    As for cellulite, losing body fat helps, but also doing toning exercises such as squats etc.

    Only way to lost fat is to be at a calorie deficit (eating less calories than your TDEE a day). Your TDEE is unique t you do son't listen to people telling you to eat a specific amount of calories like 2000, it completely depends on your stats (height, weight, gender, age, exercise level) ect, calories aren't one size fits all.


    Cellulite is a little more tricky and can be very hard or sometimes impossible to fix, often out of your control. But building some muscle in the areas may help.
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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