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Linkedin - worth it?

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    Not sure if this is the correct area but it's worth a try.

    Has anyone else got a Linkedin account? I have one but I'm not entirely sure how to use it and what it's worth, to be honest.

    Their job advertisements are never dated nor ordered, therefore many of the advertised are old and even out of date.

    I'm not particularly fond of the 'newsfeed' area which shares articles from various peoples and corporations. And their 'tips' don't seem useful.

    It's obviously popular, I mean it has been sold for $25bn (or something like that) and many individuals of importance have an account. Yet, I'm just struggling to see how graduates can utilise it.

    Seems like a professionalised social media platform for already established folk, enabling them efficiency when networking.

    Anyway, all tips and opinions welcome.

    (Original post by jg2012)
    It is certainly much more useful to people in established careers and in certain sectors of work. But there are also plenty of professional people that can live very fulfilled lives without LinkedIn! But it isn't 'Facebook for grown-ups', and it can seem a bit dry until you have a professional network.

    I'd say it's worth opening up a profile, and taking a look at it once a month or so, and as you mature through University, start going to careers presentations, incrementally improve your profile and grow your network, for example by asking to link with anyone who gives presentations you are interested in. Follow companies that are relevant to your career aspirations etc.

    It's a bit of a slow burner, but if you don't start it at some point, when it might be useful in 5+ years, it won't be there.
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