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Stuck with interview question 'when you faced a challenge'

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    I am bit rusty when it comes to interviews and not used to having to 'sell myself positively'.

    I am applying for a catering job in a quite well regarded establishment. Therefore I have the strong feeling that they want their candidate to be super positive and engaged aboutthe job.

    I am sure I will get the standard question of 'tell me about a situation where you have faced a great challenge and how you overcame it'.

    So specifically for catering, in the past I have used the example of a trial shift where the restaurant managers were treating their employees badly and I had a difficult demanding customer while being completely new on the job.

    I am not sure it was a good example as I mostly put the employers in a bad light (that was the main challenge) plus I was only working on a trial.

    Now I need a new example, ideally related to catering I suppose but I can't think of anything I have experienced, at least not really a 'challenge' related to catering. Could anyone give some examples and ideas?

    Thank you!

    (Original post by meaow1990)
    Certainly don't get into a discussion where you are calling not question the employers professionalism, that's a direct red flag. However, dealing with a challenging customer is a good option, if it's a customer contact role you are applying for.

    The example doesn't have to have happened in the same circumstances, so it could be a customer service example from anywhere. But you have to show it is transferable to the relevant environment.
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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