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The majority of people are idiots who cant think for themselves

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    (Original post by numbers18)
    They are just a product of society propaganda. Every single culture has a lot of propaganda in it. its not just as simple as everything the west says is right is right and everything the west says is wrong is wrong.

    Society changes the rules every few hundred years. Can guarantee you there will be something that todays society sees as right which will be seen as wrong by future societies.
    Yes. And so are you. So am I. So is everyone.

    (Original post by numbers18)
    You seriously dont think there is no propaganda in this society and everything you are told is right and its the right way to think?
    You seriously believe you're impervious to propaganda? You must have an awful lot of time on your hands for all that "research".

    (Original post by Platopus)
    Yes. And so are you. So am I. So is everyone.
    There's more to the environment than just propaganda.

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    Of course morality is a fluid concept, the last century alone (or even the last few decades) vouch for it in no uncertain terms. Millions of people dying in world conflicts decades ago, how outdated and so 'not the right thing' does that look now? Gay and women rights, where have they been all this time?No secret there, right and wrong are subjective according to the environment. It's not right to eat other people but if there is nothing else going it does become right (excuse the gruesomeness...). They say everyman is a product of his time and that is very inescapably true.
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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