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How should I ask him out?

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    Ok so I started a bar job at my local pub a couple of months ago and I found I had a crush on one of the guys working there. I got to know him fairly well, we got talking a couple of times at after work drinks and one of the nights I even nearly told him how I felt but my nerves got the better of me. then he went on holiday for 2 weeks and I thought ok when He Comes back I'll tell him . But then guess what the manager tells me I've lost my job because there are too many employees and I'm not his first choice. Which is unfortunate enough, but it also means I don't have a reason to see my crush again...

    I asked him out to a rave before losing my job but he said he couldn't go bc he had work that weekend...this was over Facebook.

    What do you guys think I should do? Should I tell him how I feel by fb messaging him or should I ask him out first? or would you do something different

    Also is it ok to ask someone out over fb? I just don't know how else to, I'd be way to embarrassed to show up at the pub since I don't work there anymore.


    tbh im not sure what the best way to ask him out is, fb would probably work. but i do want to say that a girl asking a boy out is one of the most attractive things she could do (it shows confidence). maybe he's into you and if you ask him out he will feel relieved. another reason to ask him out is that it will put you out of your misery. if he says no then oh well that sucks but u can forget about it and if he says yes then great just go ahead and do it - the longer you wait the harder it will be

    Asking out but fb or text is a cop out and I reckon reduces chances of success. The other problem is that waiting for the reply is a killer and should it lead to rejection I think even worse than face to face. The best bet it to dress to your most adorably feminine and go in and ask him out. Good luck.
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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