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Should I get a job at mc donalds?

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    ive finished my a levels and I now have too much free time. I also have no money and desperately need a job. I almost applied for a job at mc donalds yesterday but I don't know if I should apply. The area I live in is gross and I've been in my local McDonald's and the customers are just as gross. Also I would only have the job for the summer as I'll be in uni next year and would probably get a different job. Anyone here work at maccies, and could share their experiences?? What they like/ dislike about the job? What the job entails??

    This idea of a 'McJob' is because of the high possibility of employment there and so college dropouts will be told 'you can always get a McJob, if you don't knuckle down and study!'

    McDonalds is a restaurant like any other with the hope that people stick around for 20 mnutes and not 2 hours like normal restaurants. At your age you shouldn't be bogged down by what people think of you by seeing you working at a McDonalds restaurant.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with studying hard and gaining your a-levels which will make a huge difference to your life already and will let you fly above the opinions of someone who will ignorantly judge you for the job you do, and mostly the people that are going to make some odd body language is someone with low self esteem about their own career.

    A restaurant requires good customer service, which means always being positive and ready to help and set to deal with any task, whether that be cleaning up a spilled drink or running into the fridge to get plenty of chicken nuggets fried for the local rugby team that have just turned up.

    You need to show the company purpose and message in a good light and be the face of the company and it is every little thing matters as a professional even working in McDonalds as they want repeat business and someone drives in and has a choice between McDonalds or KFC drive thru, they will remember a previous incident and this can influence a choice of restaurant.

    You need to be calm and reset for every order, is a different person who isn't the rude person from 20 minutes ago so reset, be positive and perfect your professionalism, a customer wants to see a smile, someone looking happy and healthy to be working and providing a service to the community, even if it is in today's world where as 50 years ago it would have been for the high street butchers, who would have had a mincer and sold burgers

    Remember nothing lasts forever, plan your time there - if for the summer or until you go off on Holiday in January.

    You have done your a-levels, you are going to go on to better things, so already start planning what you are going to say about your experience about working in a fast food restaurant and think about what you could learn from doing such a job and keep note of what you learn and want to improve on.

    McDonalds is good for someone who wants to get in a lot of hours as they are open from 6am to 11pm.

    Plus you get a swish uniform and a free meal per shift which is sweet

    Could always get a summer job!

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Updated: June 28, 2016
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