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Loving someone who does not show any love leaving me very upset-what do i do

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    Im 17 with my first girlfriend but i am not her first i am about the third but i love her so much but i dont feel she feels the same way. I get upset regularly because i feel she will end it with me and so i worry a lot.I am always trying to spend time with her but she never really wnats to but tells me everyday how much she supposedly loves me and will never end it and im out of her league etc but does not show it.We have been together for 6 months now and she is allowed me round as often as she wants but i have only been 3 times but asked to go several more.She wont kiss me in public altho i want to just do it wherever and so we have kissed about 4/5 times in this space.She is now currently fasting so never can spend time after college and stuff as she is tired and cant do anything whilst fasting but i have offered to come see her after she fasts and she wont let me and then i always try to kiss her and go round or do somehting but she dont let me and i wish i was not really attached to her because a lot of people have liked me in the past and i never liked them back but now i reallyyyyyy like this person and they know it and claim they really do back but dont show it which upsets me and im always trying my best for her and im wayyy too attached to her and like her far too much that i doubt i would everf get over her.
    Furthermore this year summer shes gone for m,ost of it next year is year 13 and so we wont have much time together and then she plans to go to uni in norway so we will barely spend any time together whatsoever and i will just remain upset
    what can i do

    it's utterly pathetic that she fasts, but has a boyfriend. Be a Muslim or be secular, choose one and only one.

    I think you need to sit down and have a talk with her and tell her how you feel. Only she knows how she feels, and only she can tell you how she feels. I hate to say it though, but if she makes you feel this way then maybe she isn't the one for you. But, talk to her and see. Best of luck

    move on babe

    Options: 1) Continued misery and mopiness; 2) Manning up by way of self-coaching and recomposing thyself; 3) Phase her out/end it and move on
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Updated: June 28, 2016
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