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Calling for reviews from all those with experience with LEODIS!! Accomodation advice!

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    Hi All,
    Sorry to be posting yet another post about accomodation but with the deadline soon approaching, I wanted to get some honest reviews from those with first hand experience.

    Having seen quite a few of the halls, I am pretty set on applying for Leodis due to the condition of the rooms, it's location and the price.
    However, looking at reviews online, I have seen complaints about the durability of appliances (that they're easily broken) and that people have supposedly had bad experiences with management staff such as them entering rooms without prior notification.

    I want to know whether these are real concerns to consider as I don't want to make generalisations based on a couple of peoples bad experiences. If you have had any experience there, good or bad, I'd love to hear about it.

    Many thanks

    Stayed at Leodis last year it's pretty decent and I enjoyed it. Staff all in all are alright, maintainance guys are sound would recommend. However..... The chairs sofas etc are made to look nice but are cheap and break easily and mansion (guys who own Leodis) will try and charge you ridiculous prices. Claire is someone to watch out for had a few bad experiences with her but yeah all in all nice place just don't expect to get your deposit back as I don't know many that did

    Very rude , racist and unfriendly staff . Most rooms are dirty and stinky , they take lot of money from your deposit when you are leaving the place , even heard some of the blocks are haunted , many ghost stories around as Block A used to be mill during Victorian era , its a listed building where all the ghost live , you might feel funny if you don't believe in paranormal but this is the reality , lot of children died in the mill when child labor was allowed about 100 years ago, you will also see a woman dressed in Victorian dress walking in the flats b/w midnight to 300 AM .
    services are substandard and maintenance jobs takes ages to respond . complete waste of money .
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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