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Low carb diet + lifting

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    So I've been doing a low carb diet which has been working great for losing fat.The diet consists of eating meals consisting of protein, legumes and vegetables (Slow Carb Diet if anyone's familiar).
    I'm a 195cm tall guy and my body weight is 110kg so I try to take around 2200 calories every day to lose fat healthily and for good.
    I also want to start a beginner's weight lifting program, but the diet I'm using to lose fat assumes very little exercise (brisk walks at most) since carbs are really the most calorie dense part of a diet and I'm eating very few. Yes I can still get calories from protein and legumes but I understand not all calories are the same and I'm just wondering if I need to add anything extra before I work out. Like if I have oatmeal and a banana before a work out would something like that "make up" for the stress on the body and give me benefits of the work out without unhealthily starving my body of energy?
    Or will it just negatively affect the losing of fat? The diet would strictly forbid something like oatmeal or a banana...

    So should I get a carb snack before a work out or just have an extra protein/legume/vegetable meal?

    I would suggest a carb snack before a work out. Though, I'm uncertain of the health benefits of bananas as I've heard various rumours of them storing fat, so would be one of the less healthier carb options.

    Berries or corn would be more ideal as these fill you up as well as providing a healthy carb option.

    Good luck OP!

    Well, try working out once without having any carbs prior, sticking to your diet. If it's fine, no need to add carbohydrate.

    If you feel sluggish and so on, a small carb snack wouldn't make too much of a difference

    Hey can I have some advice , I am currently wanting to lose around a stone and tone up/get in shape. However I want to build muscle and considering changing my diet through cutting all sweets and take away's ect, but considering a low carb diet. I don't know anything about a low carb diet and was wondering if I could get some advice on it , how to start on a low carb diet ? Also would a low carb diet lead to crash dieting ( excessive skin) ect. I really want to get in shape but don't know how to any advice would be fab x
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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