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Farage was ight all alone - must watch

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    Farage was right all along

    I love you youngsters, you are bright, enthusiastic and our future. But so many of you like so many older people in the UK have not been properly informed about the Lisbon Treaty and the way in which the European Community turned into a European Union, and all consuming, law unto itself entity which sought to override basic UK laws and regulations and change our lives forever.

    Do watch this YT clip which shows how Farage predicted years ago all that was going to happen and that the Euro and the EU would collapse because it had turned into a political economic prison for European countries. It is a fabulous video.

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    They jeered him, booed him like children, laughed at him in their superiority and powerful positions, tried to ignore him. In the end, everything Farage said was correct.

    They are not laughing now

    The EU became a regime, a power-mongering entity aiming to be a super power. Nobody wanted it. Only 2 countries ever got to vote for membership of the EU (Denmark and Sweden) and both voted NO. Nevertheless they still pushed the Lisbon Treaty through the back door which wipes away UK laws and regulations. That was in many people's eyes an illegal and totally undemocratic action.

    In the wake of the referendum, EVERYONE, needs to look at that Lisbon Treaty and understand just what has been done to our constitution and laws without us knowing and without us ever having a say. YOU the people have been undermined without your consent, without your will. THAT is why we had to leave the EU. Not immigration, not Islam . . . because we had been illegally taken into a political and economic union without any vote, into a soviet like power that has run rough-shod over our basic laws and regulations and subsequently destroyed our business and our fishing industries and much more.

    Please do yourself the justice of understanding the Lisbon Treaty and the other EU treaties and try to understand was has really been going on behind our backs, what our so called politicians have allowed to happen at the behest of the EU. Those politicians DO NOT represent us, they have betrayed us and we have been caught sleeping. But there is now light at the end of the tunnel, we are leaving the EU and hopefully can restore the laws and regulations we previously enjoyed in Britain which made us great.

    We will accept free movement of people for single market. We will have to put with EU with no say or no few deals. Only difference is we'll be free from regulations and laws.
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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