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Immigration won't change after Brexit

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    (Original post by Sarahchuu)
    Can someone explain why immigration is considered really bad?
    Well, have you considered where you are going to live after you get your first job? You will be competing with better-off immigrants (not their first jobs) in either the rental or owner-occupier markets. Immigration vastly exacerbates an already bad pricing situation, meaning that young Britons are priced out.

    Add to that the extra cars on the roads, passengers on trains and the extra people using schools and hospitals, and you have a need for more space on an island that doesn't have any, and a need to invest capital at a time when we urgently seek to get our debts down.

    Lol nice replies guys thanks for your consideration. I actually know the arguments and just finished A Level politics so I know how the EU works and yes I did vote.

    I only asked for some clarification of what the actual problem is with immigration in this country, since every other country in the world has immigration too so. Looks like Tusk and Juncker are maintaining their firm position on the UK complying to free movement of people.

    So whatever you can be rude and ignorant to other people if you want just accept it when people eventually stop caring about what you have to say.

    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    I am not underestimating the anger but how does Farage prevent himself being dragged ever further rightwards towards oblivion? Europe is his anchor as well as his obsession.
    The issue isn't going away because there will be a new deal that can be opposed.

    Since we will never break all ties with the EU, and the nature of the EU won't change, this can be dragged out indefinitely.

    Perhaps - probably - with less success.
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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