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AQA A2 Geography Unit 3 - Volcanic Hazards 40 marker

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    I know this is late but can anyone who did the volcano essay in unit 3 tell me if I was along the right lines:I talked about the volcanos and associated hazards and how they may affect us.I talked about the various technologies of prediction and response times etc. My main point was about the use of such technologies in MEDC's but also the lack of access and use of such technologies in LEDC's resulting in poorer nations experiencing greater loss of life etc.I used Mt. St. Helens and Nevado Del Ruiz as examples of eruptions in MEDC's and LEDC's and the use of technologies in both instances..I also linked both case studies to other hazards such as lahars (nevado del ruiz) and how some hazards such as lahars and tsunamis are unpredictable meaning the technologies surrounding prediction, response etc may not be effective even in MEDC'sI referred to human error with the Mt ST Helens eruption and the lack of consideration by members of the public to warnings which can result in deaths despite advanced technologies etc.My final major point was that the technologies referred to in the question would only help reduce death tolls not the impact of volcanos on the economy and livelihoods - made reference to the fertile lands surrounding volcanos being used for farming etc Any help would be much appreciated..Just stressing about this exam so if any of you who did this question have any opinions on my answer please let me know thanks
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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