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Los Angeles police claim YouTube star Calum McSwiggan faked a homophobic attack.

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    Calum claims he was beaten up by three men following last weekend's VidCon event in LA, after being separated from friends while out clubbing.
    He says he had to go to hospital after having three teeth cracked and needed six stitches in his forehead.
    The LAPD says he injured himself while in custody after being arrested.

    How wonderful.

    Should he be charged?

    I get suspicious about all "big" cases like this. Every single well-known campus rape story (apart from the recent swimmer guy) was a hoax, and the guy mentioned in the o/p reminds me of that guy who fell over leaving a gaybar, and blamed the injuries on a homophobic attack.

    He just tried a publicity stunt and it exploded in his face in a massive way.

    These big incidents do tend to be faked there was a gay pastor who said he got a cake with a homophobic message but he had actually added the homophobic message himself.

    Poor attempt at attention seeking. :rolleyes:

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