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Are open & cuckold relationships the future?

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    (Original post by Xelfrost)
    Age regression, Furries, Scat, Urethra insertion-vore and unbirthing to name a few.

    The world is a degenerate place perhaps the most horrifying of all is
    Missionary for the sole purpose of procreation
    Lights on, socks off if you really wish to spice things up.

    (Original post by ChargingStag)
    Did any of them work as far as you know?
    They always started really well for my friends with the excitement of having each other always available for sex but various things always made them end badly.

    One couple, it failed because the guy became jealous that his girlfriend had so many offers for sex that he never was able to so she got more action than he did. She didn't know why he was so upset since he was the one who suggested an open relationship. She broke up with him eventually.

    One couple I know went from a FWB relationship to a monogamous relationship that simply didn't work because the guy then proposed that the relationship be open after months of monogamy and when my friend said no, he became abusive - so not really to do with the open relationship part.

    Another relationship started fine, it was open and then my female friend broke it off suddenly as she told me the guy was trying to get into a monogamous relationship with someone else without telling this other girl that he was seeing someone else, he wanted to pretend to her that she was the only one in his life because he knew she wouldn't be okay with him seeing others. So he was leading her astray. My friend didn't approve because obviously he's lying to the other girl so that might mean he's lying to her too so she dumped him and it ended really messy.

    I think in many of these cases plus others I know of, people would change their mind somewhere along the line concerning what they want in the relationship but either lie to their partner or not consult them because the relationship is already open so they think it's okay. Monogamy is simpler for me. I know I only want my partner and that they only want me, and if either of us cheated, it'd be over - it's that simple.

    (Original post by BetaCuckLord23)
    Most women want multiple men when they're in a relationship
    What do you mean by 'want'? There's a difference between 'mirin' and getting on they back :rolleyes:

    lot's of guys are cool
    Some guys aren't too fussed/would like an open relationship themselves (perhaps 5-10%)

    or even turned on at the idea of their partners having sex with other men
    Cucks in at <5%

    I hope not*

    This may have been attractive during university but after graduating, getting a job, house and stop being a cuckold and actually winning in life most people want to settle down and have a successful family.
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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