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batman1308's Summer Bucket List!

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    I've got a long summer coming up, especially as I've just finished college. I'll be going back in September to start on my level 3 qualification in ICT (I did level 2 this year).

    Here is what I want to do this summer:

    - Start on my freelance stuff. I need to get some money, and I think that starting on freelance web design and graphic design is good experience and I can build a good portfolio and rep for myself too.

    - Actually enjoy Game of Thrones. This is the only big TV show I haven't seen that I just can't seem to get into. I've watched them all, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead etc. I watched the first season twice, but I feel like it's not my cup of tea... one last go and if it isn't my cup of tea then I'll abandon it.

    - Get over my problems. I have a lot of problems with myself such as anxiety and paranoia. I need to get over this by changing my mindset and doing more positive things as I always have such a negative outlook on life. Hopefully being active here more will help my worries and I could hopefully get some advice on that too!

    - Go out more. I'm the stereotypical nerd, I sit inside on my computer browsing Reddit and watching TV shows/films all day, and also going on my PS4 too. I enjoy going to the cinema and so does my friend, so hopefully when I earn a bit of money from my freelance stuff I can start doing stuff like that. I'm also a big wrestling fan so maybe I could go to a few indie wrestling shows in the UK.

    - Get some new skills. I'm literally useless at cooking and doing housework, and if I want to move out so I can go to university in two years time, then I'm gonna have to start learning. Obviously I know the basics in cooking and housework (ie putting stuff in the oven, making a bed) but I need to expand that more if I'm going out into the real world.

    - Stay away from toxic people. I have spent far too long in my life surrounding myself with negative things and this is for people too. My old friends (that I've just stopped speaking to) always used to be nasty to me about my sexuality and I was never taken seriously. I'm going to be with my proper friends, the ones that I can have a laugh with and can be myself around with. I spent way too long trying to be liked by everyone.

    I tried to make my bucket list as productive as possible, sadly as much as I want to go to festivals and stuff I can't as I don't really have any money. Hopefully that will change in the coming years

    Have a good summer everyone!
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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