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if countries were people

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    Colombia is the drug dealer

    Pakistan is that kid who cares most about their reputation, and their income. They're then bullied, and blamed for it. They try to remain out, but other countries pressure them in to doing what they don't want

    (Original post by xobeauty)
    ! Are you Canadian ?
    Does one need to be Canadian to know that Canadians are known for being nice?

    russia: the roid-head with dick-size issues who's always puffing up their chest
    china: the quiet one who's actually pretty strong but has mental problems

    america: the jock (the junior)
    britain: the posh jock (the senior)
    france: the little guy who thinks he's popular with his two cousins (america and britain)
    germany: the drama queen who secretly has huge insecurities because she used to hang out with a bad crowd
    italy: the guy who sits at the back because he's got nothing important to say
    poland/romania: the guy who's always trying to make friends but comes off as very needy and intense and people don't like it
    australia/NZ: the chilled out one everybody gets on with
    norway/sweden/denmark/iceland: the modest person most people respect because they're cheerful and pleasant
    canada: the incredibly friendly guy nobody can dislike
    the netherlands: the posh hippy
    ireland: that ginger inbetweener kid that at least most people get along with

    turkey: the dodgy guy nobody really likes because they're two faced and easily offended
    jamaica: the stoner rastafarian
    columbia: the drug dealer
    brazil: the person always hosting the parties
    mexico: the one who's always arguing with america because they won't let them join in with their games
    vietnam: the nail salon girl
    south korea: the cool twin
    north korea: the idiot/insane twin whos only friends are russia and china, and even then, they're getting fed up
    thailand: the transsexual

    india: the one who's trying to be friends with two clashing cliques and it's not working out very well
    pakistan: same as india, but different cliques
    saudi arabia: the rich plastic who people pretend to like but secretly hate
    iraq: the guy the jocks are trying to make cool as an experiment like in that movie
    iran: the one trying to take on the jocks but isn't being taken seriously
    somalia: the poor/rough kid
    DRC: the perverted creep
    cuba: the guy who can't figure out if he wants to be a bully or a nice guy and just comes off as a schizo

    (Original post by xobeauty)
    ! Are you Canadian ?
    Nope, wbu?

    Would be so cool if i was

    (Original post by BrianMcEgg)
    Poland will be the guy that works harder than everyone else, right into the night but no one wants to be his friend and his work is always underappreciated
    Yes indeed! This is me irl.
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    (Original post by Boss_Rhythm)
    No... They are fish!!! :zomg:
    BTW I am bengali
    You are what you eat :smug:

    Knew it
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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