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writing a debate on bank bailout help urgently please

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    So i have to write a debate in favour of bank bailout regulations and i dont know how to start and facts to include and i am not even sure what the bailout regulations are and what the benefits are so please can anyone help me i would really appreciate it
    Thank you sooo much.

    Not sure what you specifically want, but common sense says you start by doing reserach and asking the questions:

    What happened?
    Why ?
    What were the dangers?
    How did it resolve itself?

    Once you understand the events, then move onto what they did. By bailout regulations I assume you mean banking reforms?

    That then puts upi on a position of knowing about 1.what happened which gives you context, 2. the risk and 3. the solutions they made and 4. why that solution addresses the risk.
    If you are writing in favour then you have to be prepared to argue about why it was needed, why it will work and why it is better than other potential solutions.

    Once you have done that then its just a case of shaping your argument and addressing the main points in the way you want to.

    Soemthing like this is what happened and these were the risks or fallout, which meant reform was needed and they decided to do XTz which was good becayse it addressed the problem and made it unlikely that it would happen again or could be dealt with more effectively in the future.

    You might wnat to finish by reinforcing it with explaining what might have happened if they had done nothing and the reforms have helped prevent a repeat.

    ps always look at the argument your opponent will use and be prepared to counter them.

    You need to research and read to get up to speed with the topic. No idea at what level it might be needed or any special angle depending on the subject you are studying.


    Look up "moral hazard" and think about how it relates to bank bailouts

    You may also want to look at rebuttals to efficient market hypothesis and consider how they can be applied to the banking industry (think about asset bubbles, speculation, insider trading, etc)

    Finally, you will undoubtedly need to anticipate some of the arguments brought forth by your opponents - try looking at the problems of government failure (when the government, through intervention, creates or worsens a market failure), such as political manipulation, unintended consequences, high enforcement costs, etc.

    These are all starting points - you'll need to develop them yourself
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Updated: June 29, 2016
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