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No need for fascist BRITX just dont build new runway

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    (I say fascist as stopping peoples free movement without the right papers etc is almost a text book definition of fascist).

    We dont cut down the birth rate by banning babies we use a condom.
    Likewise we dont cut down immigration by banning immigrants we use a condom - namely put a big sheet of grass over the entry point instead of building airports build parks for children.

    In fact you could take it further - put bigger taxes on airlines to pay for tuition fees to make the UK better educated.

    You can tell I'm right because if you look at the stock market the biggest fallers due to britx are airlines - so simply cut out the middle man, stay in Europe but cut down the numbers coming here by putting airfares up - say double (via taxes) , and building no more runways...

    I'm not sure "stopping peoples free movement without the right papers" is quite accurate as a definition of fascist. Historically, it's been the lefties who have taken it to the extreme - in Russia, China, North Korea, who prevented their citizens from even leaving the country.

    But also some perspective is needed: there are 196 countries in the world. Currently, 27 allow free movement without passports. Are the remainder fascist?



    We need the new runways for all the remainers leaving the country
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    Look at Flybe - its main route might be East Midlands to Warsaw.

    Without internal migration EasyJet, Ryan Air, FlyBe would lose about 30 to 40% of there customers (migrant workers, like myself , fly back home either weekly or every other week).

    There will be no more cheap tickets, no need for third runway

    - might as well scrap the middle man and just tax the airlines and stay in the EU - net result the same as far a migration is concerned
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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