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need help guys/gals

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    OK, I want to move from home...only problem is I have no money. it has gotten to a point where I cannot live in the same house as my mum and my dad is a semi-senile idiot who is disabled. I am sadly an only child to compact matters.

    here is a brief history: I am in my (nearly) mid- 20's and have very limited work (since march I have only been working on average 4-6 days a month due to employment issues). despite my limited amount of work, I am still earning on average £21-27/hour and which averages around £280-£1800 per month (yes it varies by that much depending on hours I work).

    sadly myy parents are idiots who cant manage their finances, and it has taken a worse turn since my mum lost her job in 2011 and hasnt been able to find any temp work since january (apparently nobody wants to hire anyone over the age of 50 in this day and age). my dad is losing his job (in fact his last day of work is today) and is a disabled guy who is almost 60.
    both my parents are / will be receiving work pensions (early retirment schemes) yet are heavily in debt. so much so that last year I loaned them a significant amount of money (clue easily in excess of £1000) and will have to bail them out again to pay off their morgage (which they foolishly didnt need in the first place as they paid it off prior to my last year of uni, but because student finance bizarrely cut off funding in my last year of uni, they remogaged my house to put me through uni).

    now, I hear you ask, why do i want to move out. truth is my mum has really bad anxiety / depression issues (heavily exacerbated by PMS...surprising she still hasnt menopaused tbh but oh well) and her being unemployed has exacerbated them. when i was in highschool she used to be violent and abusinve, and still is, and constantly threatening to leave me and my dad and kill me (she once threw a bed and a bookcase at me for getting a week of detentions for doing my homework in red ink). I used to tell my friends about this and at first they were sympathetic as a lot of their parents were going through divorces, but after a while they decided to call me a liar despite not knowing what I had to put up with. my mum made me into a liar because she cant handle stress.

    the rest of my family are manipulative, evil dickheads (aunts/uncles/cousins) and I sadly dont have any friends who I trust / who can give mea place to stay. what do I do?
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    I should point out with the work thing, because I average at over £100/week, I cant claim any benefits or aid with health costs
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    whats annoying is that since I have graduated, everytime I want to do some personal work / revise, I keep having to run errands because my parents are "too busy" to do so with my opinions/ thoughts non-existant. good example is that when I had regular work in 2014/15, I had to leave for work at 8-830 but because my parents are idiots, they would leave the washing machine on 3 times a week (who does that seriously?) and make me late for work by hanging the laundry / do drying

    Move out. Maybe try and support them once you get on your feet though.

    You'll probably find better advice over on reddit tbh


    or even https://www.reddit.com/r/AlmostHomeless
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    truth is, I want to move out but dont have any money / stable income. also the area I live in isnt exactly safe (especially the council areas - the area I live in is consistently ranked in the top 5 worst places to live in the uk
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