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To Remain is not progressive, to leave is not reactionary

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    I'm not insulting anyone with this, first of all. But please read this article, it articulates my feelings about the misrepresentation and trivialization of 'leave' and the misguided notion that 'remain' is the progressive option.

    Washington has always wanted us in the EU. This is not to Europe's benefit, nor ours.



    "Britain has, particularly in recent years, played an important role in trying to get the EU to agree to policies which by any objective assessment are against European interests, but which could be said to further the interests of US neocons."
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    I have to be cynical here, I can't contain it, but it seems like Leave is the more objective side. What you often see from remain is lazy mindedness, a sort of self-satisfied, entitled mentality, and a belief that it is a given that they take the moral high ground. I profoundly regret leave having to attain a narrow, pyrrhic victory over them in a debased argument , I really wish there were more open minded, thoughtful, and frankly less brainwashed 'progressives' about who could see how remain supports the globalist, dehumanizing economic and political agenda, how it's one more nail in the coffin to opposing it and for democratic control for peoples.

    To indicate what I mean; I'm always ready for some giant grinning poster of Farage, or some nonsense about little Englanders, even if I try and post an argument such as the above that would make any progressive feel antipathy to EU membership.It's quite dark in that they've unquestioningly they've been converted to side with the very things they should dislike according to their proclaimed values. Either that, or they are just very shallow and opportunistic.
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    And another excellent article analysing what's driving these things happening in world politics.
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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