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Is Study Abroad Worth It?

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    Hi, sorry for the long thread.

    I amcurrently a first year student in London, next year I have the opportunity tostudy abroad which is great, but I am starting to have some doubts. My course is 3 years long; my year abroad will just be replacing 2nd year. Most universities add an extra year on but mine doesn’t. To be honest, I kind ofonly applied to study abroad to get away from university and London. In thefirst few weeks and right up to the end I was very tempted to drop out ofuniversity, I was not impressed with the standard of teaching, course contentand commuting made it difficult for me to make friends and have the normaluniversity experience.I have been warned that most friendship groups and course mates will move on, and that when you come back its quite difficult to integrate back into university life,considering my final year is 85% I cant really risk messing it up.

    Also it willbe difficult for me to make any lasting stable friendships if I start off in anew place each year. Another factor is the academic side of things. Final year will count 85% towards myfinal degree classification. I will be missing 2nd year teachingwhich is the foundation for 3rd year modules. Second year is whenmost of the dissertation teaching and proposals are done, I will still have todo mine, just without any of the teaching or guidance from tutors etc, theysaid I can email them but it is my problem if I am going to be missing themodule lectures – can I risk this.

    Lastly is in terms of futures, most of my academic life I have solely focused on my work and have never had a part time job or anything like that, I was hoping to joina grad/ internship scheme second year that would benefit me more in the longrun but otherwise I would be missing out on this. Has anyone else been in the same situation or have any advice, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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