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HELPPPP with the flute

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    Helloooo everyone

    Soo, I started playing the flute around Year 5, and played consistently until year 7. And then gave it up for a few years.

    Now in year 11, moving into 12, I play REALLLY rarely, and want to get back on track.
    But, my morale has just been crushed. I got up to my ABRSM grade 5, or possibly/but unlikely grade 4 as far as I remember.

    I've literally forgotten EVERYTHING. My fingers feel out of place, I cant read sheet music anymore, forgotten almost every note apart from the basics. IM BACK TO SQUARE ONE... How is this even possible... Its not even a lack of practice, Its wiped clean off my head, and nothing is coming back to me!

    Has anyone been through anything like this/ has any advice... Im trying to fit playing around my other commitments, and am looking to still finish off my graded exams along with the primary reason of enjoyment.


    Hi, I had a similar experience but with piano, and I'm also in year 11 heading into year 12. I had started playing at around 7 years old, got up to grade 3/4 and played frequently. However, after four to five years (when I started secondary school) I stopped lessons and didn't play much at all. I became self taught, but school and other hobbies basically took over. Last January I decided i wanted to start again and become better, so i started lessons. I'd forgotten everything apart from my C major scale and my treble clef!

    However, I stuck at the lessons and was determined to get back on track- by November I took my grade two exam again, passing with a merit. Now GCSEs are done I'll be resuming lessons again, aiming for grade 4 with merit or distinction by the end of this year. You can do it! Hope this helped
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Updated: June 30, 2016
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