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Split degree personal statement - help please

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    Hi TSR,
    I am currently working on the first draft of my personal statement however, there is a problem and I would greatly appreciate some help from maybe someone who was in a similar situation. I would like to complete a Geography and Business Management degree, as both of these subjects interest me. Should I talk in depth about my passion for geography and what I have done "outside the classroom" or talk about this for business, or both ? I fear if I talk about how i'm passionate/read around the subject for both, this may extend the word count by to much. I prefer Geography and have done A LOT more for this outside the classroom than business, if a business admissions tutor reads my personal statement, they may think I have prefer geography and so deny me. Likewise, if I talk about both subjects, geography admin tutors may feel I am not enthusiastic for geography.
    As you can probably tell, this has now confused me. Hope this question sort of makes sense.
    Thanks in advance TSR

    I would contact the admissions tutors of the universities you hope to apply for and see how much they care about your personal statement because some will base your entire application around it whilst others will mainly focus on your grades, if the UNIs u hope to apply for in one course say they rank it highly and the others that do the other course don't think about it much, then u should talk most about the first course.
    I'm writing mine now too but I think mine is a bit easier to write because I'm only applying to medical and aeronautical engineering courses

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    Are you looking to apply for geography and business management degrees or joint honours courses? You really need to pick if it's the former because admissions officers want to see passion and enthusiasm for the subject and an understanding of what it is about. If you come across as confused or unsure then you run a real risk of being rejected. The PS is very much a part of your application and different unis look at it differently so please don't ignore it's importance.
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