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Is there any point doing Biology A-level on it's own?

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    If I were to do Biology at A-level, I would do psychology aswell which is in some cases counted as a Science. However, I would very much NOT like to do Chemistry, although at GCSE I understand it all once I've revised it, I just don't want to continue with the formulas and more maths. Whereas with Biology, I find the content obviously easier and at A-level will not be worried about the work load of it but I'm just wondering @universities, is Biology A-level without Chemistry pointless? Another reason I don't want to do Chemistry is that I'm picking other subjects to keep my options open as I'm 100% undecided on university degrees. Thanks.

    Definitely not pointless, they don't have to be studied together. The majority of people taking bio in my year aren't doing chemistry, but Ithe only thing worth considering is that if you want to do medicine at uni you will likely need chemistry. But if not then your fine.

    The short version is that you don't need Chemistry (unless you want to do Biochemistry, Medicine or are interested in applying to Oxbridge!). I'm doing a Biology degree now and I only have Chemistry up to AS when I dropped it because I hated it. There is a fair amount of chemistry in Biology degrees so you'll have to be willing to read up on anything you don't understand (which I never found to be a problem). As long as you don't find Chemistry difficult and you're only choosing not to take it because you don't like it then I don't think you'll have a problem

    I would recommend taking Maths though. Every university I looked as asked for Biology and a science or Maths and it's uncertain if Psychology would be accepted. I also did Psychology as a full A Level and it's really different to Biology so I understand why they sometimes don't accept it, you just use completely different skills in both. For example Biology uses lots of objective evidence for form a conclusion, while Psychology is mostly subjective (which I hated!). You can have a look on UCAS to see what universities you're interested in accept as another science if you really don't want to do Maths?

    It's good your keeping your options open though! You can always drop subjects after AS if you change your mind.

    Best of luck!
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Updated: July 1, 2016
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