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wrong start date on the PG online application

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    hey guys

    Please help me I have a very important issue to solve. basically I'm an EU student (Italian) and I submitted my Postgraduate Loan application a couple of days ago, when completing it I selected my MSc course and the system showed me as starting date that was not correct (the 3rd october instead of the 26th september), but as I couldn't do anything I just continued and submitted the application. today I asked the Uni about this thing and they actually told me that it was actually a mistake and that they'll correct the date. indeed they corrected it and now it's finally the 26th september, however on my application I still see the 3rd october and I can't do anything to change it so what am I supposed to do now to correct it ? I know that it's a very important thing as the first payment will be sent depending on the start date of the course..

    thanks to whoever will respond

    Hi sara_z

    As long as the university have the dates amended before your start date, the payments can be made on time.

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    [QUOTE=Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser;66211577]Hi sara_z

    As long as the university have the dates amended before your start date, the payments can be made on time.


    thanks Mark for the reply
    yes the University just amended the starting date on the system, so what you're saying is that I should be fine ? and that maybe SFE will automatically see the different date on my application and will update it ? if yes I hope so.
    if I may ask you I have another question: I just submitted my application and sent the signed declaration form. on the to do list at the end of the application it was said that they'll send us a letter with all the evidence documents that we shall send them, but in order to speed up the process I thought of sending them for example the certified copy of my passport (with their checking list) now before they send me that letter.. do you think that it would be ok or should I wait for them to ask me for it first ?
    thanks a lot !!!!!!!!
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Updated: July 1, 2016
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