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Failed second year... should i just quit?

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    Hey guys, I'm really really distraught typing this and I need advice as I do not know how to move on from this.
    I just got results from my second year final exams and i basically failed 3 core modules which I now have to resit. This wouldn't have been half as bad as it is now if I didn't fail 2 modules in my first year earlier which I had to resit (I still failed one module which I would carry over and retake in my third year)
    I am really unsure of what to do as I would die knowing that so much money has been spent on my education (as an international student), and I graduate with anything less than a 2;1.
    I just need to know if it is possible, realistically, to bounce back from this and do well in my third year. If i do these resits, my grades would be capped at 40% in those modules and I'll most likely end up with a 2;2 overall for my second year which is 30% out of 70% for my third year.
    I'm just in a really bad space at the moment and I need all the advice I cant get.

    (whatever negative thing anyone has to say, please spare me. I know no-one but myself is the reason for everything that is happening)

    Surely it worse to have spent all that money to come out of it with nothing, rather than plow on and at least graduate with a 2.2?
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    I guess that won't be terrible too, I just fear that I won't get a good job with a 2:2 😞

    Any degree would be better than none.. You'd just have to work harder to prove that you're worth the job over someone with higher marks. And if needs be, start in a lower position and work up.

    If you can afford it then chill and continue, Law is not difficult but what you have to do is prepare for the exams well in advance. So I don't mean 'follow the course', I mean prepare for the real exams - concise revision notes, cut out 80% of unnecessary information, learn the juicy stuff etc and do past papers like 3-4 months before the exam season.

    I've known people who were resetting here in Oxford and in the end they did just fine, even STEM subjects.
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Updated: July 1, 2016
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