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Are these Subject Choices OK?

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    I've recently moved to Norway from the UK, and I'll be starting the IB here in August. I'm not really sure what I want to do at Uni, but I know that it's unlikely that I'll choose something in the Maths/Science department (I'm way more comfortable in humanities).

    My current choices are:

    English A Lang & Lit HL
    Spanish B HL
    History HL
    Norwegian B SL
    Biology SL
    Mathematics SL

    I'm aiming to go to either: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Standford or Princeton. Therefore I need a minimum of 40 points and hard subjects.

    Should I choose Maths SL instead of Maths Studies? (I got an A in maths GCSE but I'm scared that I might not keep up at IB level)

    Should I choose Norwegian SL even though I've only studied it for 3 months and can only say basic phrases?


    I've just finished the IB and am going to Cambridge in October, and from what I've seen, Oxbridge often give specific requirements for the HL subjects. Because of this, if you get an offer, it'll likely be 7,7,6 or even 7,7,7 for HL, so you need to make sure you're very confident in your higher levels!
    Aside from this, the SL aren't as important, so pick what you think will get you the most points. If you're unsure about getting a 6+ in Norwegian, I advise you not to take it, particularly as you're taking another language already. SL languages at B level are quite difficult and require at least a modicum of fluency, which you might not be able to achieve in such a short period of time. Instead you could take Geo or Econ SL, which are both relatively straight forward subjects, and would probably open more doors for you for Oxbridge courses (unless you're planning to study MML at Cambridge!)
    As for maths, if the course you'll apply for isn't at all science/maths based, there's no reason for you to take SL if you're unsure of getting a high mark. You can, however, always start at SL and move down if you feel you can't handle it. It's always best to keep your options open!
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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