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spots on left side of neck only

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    Any ideas what are causing these?

    Hi Jazz

    For the neck / jaw line spots, can you rule out the following as irritants:
    • Perfume
    • Creams / cosmetics
    • Mobile phone
    • Earphones
    If none of these are causing the issue, then it may be hormonal. When you undergo extreme stress, you can get spots in the neck/jaw line area.

    For the spots under the chin, this could also be a sign of hormonal imbalance or a sign of a sluggish digestive system. Incidentally, breakouts on the forehead are also related to the digestive system... You may need to have a closer look at your diet and increase your water intake. Spots under the skin are also a sign of 'congestion' (i.e. blocked pores) and so you should look at your cleansing routine. To get your skin back on track for prom, ensure that your cleansing routine contains the following:
    • Do a double cleanse - 1st cleanse with a pre-cleanser, then do second cleanse with alcohol free non foaming cleanser - you need to do this to remove all dirt / makeup etc
    • Use toner containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) e.g. salicylic acid (suitable for oily/combination skin) or lactic acid (suitable for dry skin) - this removes dirt and unclogs pores
    • Apply salicylic acid gel to the areas where you have spots - this helps unclog pores, is anti-inflammatory, it's calming and reduces chance of scarring. You mentioned benzoyl peroxide. "BP" has anti-bacterial properties. So would be effective if the spots were linked to bacteria. However, from what you describe, its probably more likely to be congestion.
    • Apply a moisturiser which contains vitamin A to the entire face - Vitamin A helps to normalise, repair/renew the skin, stimulates collagen to be produced therefore reduces scar severity (ensure you also apply sunscreen during the day when using creams which contain vitamin A).
    • Take omega 3 capsules - helps skin inflammation
    • Take vitamin C - stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation
    • As mentioned earlier, drink plenty of water - skin needs to be well hydrated
    Hope this helps

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Updated: July 2, 2016
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