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How long does it take to study for the theory test?

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    I am due to start my driving lessons soon and was just wondering how long it takes to study for the theory. For example from the day of the first lesson to the day your theory test is..

    Will it be when my driving instructor suggests a date for me or is it when I feel ready myself?

    not long if you have a bit of common sense.

    if you studied it hardcore for 2 days i am sure u would be fine

    they have added the video in since mine so a few lessons would help with that and udnerstanding hazards

    its worh reading the highway code before u start lessons so u understand what road signs and markings mean.

    Like a day shorty, 9 times out of 10 its common sense.

    A couple of days should do it. Get one of those cd rom thingys that have questions and practice tests, go through that and you should be ok.

    CD roms are definately the best.
    My driving instructor supplied me with one...else you can buy them from WHSmiths or other book shops etc.
    Only took me a few goes on the computer, and I passed the theory first time.
    Most of it is common sense.

    1 week is enough for anyone to pass - book it first, then revise

    It's very possible to study in 2 days, like someone said. You should get an up to date copy of the official DSA CD, I think I'm right in saying that they take the questions from there. I only got one question wrong after two days of study using that CD

    To be honest it probably helps to have a little driving experience for the hazard perception, so you have the mindset of looking for things which could get in your way.

    As for the actual theory part, it's not hard at all to get full marks.

    It doesn't take any time at all to prepare for the theory test if you learn the stuff properly, you're moderately intelligent and you have a bit of common sense. I did mine before I'd ever driven, passed fairly comfortably first time, and spent no more than maybe 4 to 6 hours (spread over a few weeks) actively working towards it. Don't stress about it too much.


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