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Worried my choices are too 'soft'?

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    I'll be choosing my options next year, and am thinking of doing IB. These are these subjects I'm thinking of taking
    English (HL)
    French (HL)
    Anthropology (HL/SL depending on which science I choose)
    Maths Studies (SL)
    Italian Ab Initio (SL)
    Environmental Societies and Systems (SL) / Physics (HL)

    Although I have no interest in continuing with any Science/Maths based subjects at university, I worry that taking Maths Studies and Environmental sciences might lower the quality of my uni application as I have heard that they are less highly regarded (no offence to those who take the subjects).

    Some information about myself:
    I have considered taking a Maths A-level with my course, but don't think it is right for me. I'm currently get A's in my science and Maths mocks, and am aiming for A*s in Science next year. However I don't take triple. Moreover, as of year 10 I have started to enjoy science less, which is why I'm slightly unsure about taking physics - also i'd like to take anthropology at higher if possible. What are your thoughts? And by taking HL English/French/Anthropology would this balance out the 'softer' subjects?Thanks

    Do not take physics hl if you do not like it even a little bit it requires so much effort and time to study it that you need to like it. Yes environmental systems and maths studies are considered a bit soft but if you think you can do really well in them I would suggest you take them.

    (Original post by ZakMinett)
    Although I have no interest in continuing with any Science/Maths based subjects at university
    Then don't worry about doing softer maths/sciences. Just do it! HL Languages are pretty straight forward so you'd be looking at a nice high IB grade, no point in dragging it down by adding in more difficult subjects which aren't going to help you in any way.

    Also I dunno if you got these subjects from an IB list or a school but be aware if you didn't get it from your school that IB Anthropology is vanishingly rare to actually be offered as a course. If you don't know 100% a school offers it, definitely check before setting your heart on it.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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