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Should I quit Uni?, retaking years makes me feel stupid/embarassed

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    Hi, I just got my results, it said I failed my 3rd year. After attempting my 1st and 2nd year twice, I thought I had changed, I thought I had it sorted out, I even went as far as drawing up plans with the hope that I would at least get a 2.2, but the more exams I took, the more obvious it was that won’t make it.

    I cried so badly during one of my last exams, because I knew failing that Exam was the nail in the coffin for me.

    What pissed me off the most is that out of the 4 of 7 modules I failed, my Project was one of them. I remember investing every week to making sure that it was all done. The only thing I know I screwed up in the project was my Interim Report, I never had a chance to review the distribution of other marks before the end of the year and after getting my result to see where I went wrong. My supervisor, didn't help me much on the questions I was to expect for the Vivo-Examination.

    The modules I failed, which I hated, I can't change them for the retake, even when I believe that they weren't organised proparly.

    I'm going to now spend 6 years doing a 3 year course, and it just feels frustrating knowing that most of the students that I started with have moved on and I have to share lecture halls with people that are about 3 years younger than me on average,I'll be 26 at the end of this month and the thought of it makes me feel like I've wasted my my time.

    Because I'm not eligible for student loans, everything that I need for Uni is paid by my parents, accommodation, tuition and extra money for allowance(which I use to buy food), because of that they've totally spent 10 of 1000s of pounds to keep me in Uni all these years. Because they strongly believe in my need for the undergrad Degree, they're willing to spend more, despite the fact that we moved to a new house around Autumn 2015 and they've been talking about still needing to pay debts for the house. I have that they'll pay for it somehow, but I don't want to slow them down.

    I'm considering quitting Uni, because I feel like I don't deserve it, also I've always had a feeling that the course(BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering) wasn't for me, but I knew that with my Pre-Uni Background I couldn't take any other course in any other Uni, so that's why I kept doing it.

    I know most people in my situation would quit, especially people that are concerned about money, that's why I feel like quitting. Especially because 90% of the lectures I attend a boring and I don't see how they'll help me in future.
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Updated: July 2, 2016
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